How to Add or Remove Forms in a Print Packet

Adding or removing forms in a print packet

Please follow the steps below to alter the forms that print when the Final Tax Return is printed. 

  1. Select Setup menu
  2. Then click Printer Setup.
  3. Navigate to the 1040 Return Printing Tab. 
    • Refer to the following image below exhibiting five columns labeled "Preparer," "Client," "e-Filed," "Federal" and "State."

    • Take note of the following:
      • Each of these columns is a print packet. All items selected below the column titles will print as part of that column’s packet. 
      • To include an item in a print packet, place a checkmark in the box by clicking in the box next to each item you wish to include.
      • Exclude an item from a print packet by removing the checkmark. 
      • Any items with an “X” are mandatory for that packet.
      • The two rightmost packets will only be printed if a return is not being e-filed
  4. At the bottom of each column are checkboxes labeled Send to Printer, Send to Archive, & Send to E-mail (older versions may not have E-Mail section)
    • Every packet with a checkmark in the Send to Printer box will print a copy of every form selected in that column.
    • Every packet with a checkmark in the Send to Archive box will save a copy of every form selected in that column as a PDF in the "Document Archive" of the return. 
    • Every packet with a checkmark in the Send to E-Mail box will allow for email function to that Tax Payer's email from within the 1040 Software. 

  5. To adjust the number of worksheets that print with the return, click the Print Options tab and then choose an appropriate option in the Print Worksheets field.
    • Choose None to print no associated worksheets when a form is printed.
    • Choose All to print all of the associated worksheets.
    • Choose Select to be given a choice of which worksheets to print when a form is printed. 

  6. Click OK after all your selections are chosen.