How to Efile 1040x (Amendments) -Desktop-

How to E-File 1040 Amendment (1040-X)


E-File 1040-X process

  1. Follow KB article 367 How to prepare an amended return (form 1040-X)
  2. Complete Form 1040-X
  3. Check the E-File 1040-X box
  4. Check the Validation Check - 1040 Return has been electronically filed box
  5. Queue return as normal


Information & Status page

Once filed the Information & Status page will show accepted/ACK data


1. You can e-file amended tax returns starting tax year 2019. Amended return for tax years from 2018 and prior will still need to be paper filed;
2. You are allowed to e-file Form 1040-X up to 3 occurrences;
Q. If preparer transmitted the 4th one, will it be refused by us? I am assuming that a verify error will appear so it will prevent users from transmitting in the first place?
A. A pop up message will prevent users from transmitting the 4th occurrence of the 1040X and the transmit window will not show this option. Central Site prevents the 4th occurrence from e-filing when filing with Xlink. If a user had used another software to e-file and then uses XLink to file amended returns, then the IRS will catch and issue a reject if the 1040X hits the 4th occurrence.
3. Cannot change the filing status;
Q. In the case that the amendment is for this reason (changing filing status that affected the refund/balance amount), I am guessing it’s a paper file?
A. Yes paper file
4. Cannot change the SSN sequence for Married Filing Jointly returns;
5. Prior tax return (or prior amended return) must have been e-filed;
Q. If this is your first year filing return and you need amendment, then it’s a paper file?
A. In order to E File the 1040X, the original return must have been E Filed and accepted. If it’s the 2nd time EF for the 1040X, the 1st 1040X must have been E Filed and accepted.
NOTE: IPPIN (TP/SP/Dependent) needs to be in the transmission, users shouldn’t remove the IPPIN from the original 1040 that was used when filing a 1040X.
6. Cannot set up direct deposit for refunds. Refunds will be a paper check. However, you can still set up direct debit to pay balance due taxes;
7. Part 1 of the 1040X (Exemptions and Dependents) needs to be completed even though the IRS instructions state you don’t have to;
Q. Is it us mandating this or IRS?
A. This is an IRS mandate. If the user is not able to complete this part, then they will need to paper file.
8. Form 1040-X will be e-filed independently of amended state returns. There are no state links for states that support e-filing of amending returns;
9. EIP/Simple returns do not qualify for e-filing Form 1040-X.
Q. For EIP/Simple return, do we have fatal verify error in place showing stating this?
A. Yes, we have a fatal verify if simple return used in Xlink. Not all users filed a simple return with Xlink (they may have filed through the IRS portal instead), so the IRS will reject the return if users tries to file.