Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) TaxYear 2021

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) was introduced in the 2022 - 1040 Program
(xlink22) Tax Year 2021

What is Multifactor Authentication

  • Microsoft link for explanation

When launching the 2022 program user will be prompted to setup MFA

Continue article IF opting IN 

  1. Get the app on your phone
  2. Use the MFA QR code that populates during install to complete the authentication process

  3. This app will be used each time the enduser logs into the program.

To change MFA Options

  1. Log into the 1040 Software as a user with Administrator rights.
  2. Navigate to Utilities > User Preferences > MFA button

  3. Input checkmark on the Opt in to MFA
  4. By clicking the Regenerate button a Login/Password window will populate (input the Password for that login)

  5. Generate QR code will prompt the following window, selecting OK 


  1. Using the Login Accounts (Setup location) change the password of the login having MFA issues
  2. This will prompt the user to input changed password & setup new password as well as MFA options