Create And Edit The Client Questionnaire

To Access the Edit function of the Questionnaire:


    1. Select Setup
    2. Click on the Questionnaire Setup
    3. Use the drop down button to select the English or Spanish version to edit
    4. Remember to Save As so the Default version isn’t compromised
      • Naming convention suggestion
    5. Select OK to save

Questionnaire Entry Types

  • Form Headers (For printing purposes)
  • Section Headers (These make it easier to separate subject areas of the questionnaire)
  • Question (A question asked in a specific manner and tied to a specific form)
    • * EXAMPLE: “Do you own any rental Property?" If this question is linked to the Schedule E and the client answered Yes to this question, the Schedule E PG1 would be automatically added to the return.
  • Question With NoteBox (relatively similar as Question, but it allows an extra area for the client to enter extra information on the printed questionnaire)
  • Empty Row (used for formatting purposes)




Client questionnaires must be tied to specific user logins

  1.  Open Setup and click on Login Accounts. Highlight the desired user and click Edit.
  2. Under Login Preferences, click the down arrow next to Questionnaire.
  3. Select the desired questionnaire and click OK.
  4. Close the Login Accounts program. Returns ONLY created by this user from this point forward will default to the questionnaire selected in Step 3. Any return created prior to this will NOT have access to the selected questionnaire.