How to Reprint Checks in The Desktop Software


If a check is misprinted or damaged, it is possible to be reprinted.
Important Note: If a check is lost, proceed to KB 584 How to Void a Check in The Desktop Software


  1. From the WIP, in the Printing Queue section
  2. Click Checks, Registers, and Activation

  3. The Checks, Registers, and Activation screen will appear.
  4. Click the Check Register Tab,
  5. Select the check to be reprinted by putting a checkmark next to the Seq No
  6. Click the Reprint Button.

  7. You are responsible for the damaged check; it must be in your possession and not lost.
    Click OK, to continue. Dispose of the damaged check according to the guidelines of your bank.

  8. The check has now been Queued for Reprint.
  9. Click Close to continue

  10. The check is now available to be reprinted from the Checks to Print Tab. 
    KB 355 How to Print a Check Through Santa Barbara TPG
    KB 388 Printing Republic Checks From The Program