How to Create Shortcuts From a Networked Installation on a Workstation

 How to Create Shortcuts

In order to create the shortcuts, we will first need to find the name of the host computer.
KB 85 How to Locate The Name of a Host Computer.

On the workstation, hold the Windows key and press E to open Windows/File Explorer.

  1. In the left hand pane, click the Network option. A list of the networked computers will be displayed in the right hand pane.

  2. Double click on the host computer. A list of the host's shared folders will be displayed.

  3. Open the desired shared folder (the software share is usually labeled "xlinkYY" where YY is the filing season of the software). The shared folder contents will be displayed.

  4. In the list of shared files, right click on xlink32.exe and select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). 

The newly-created desktop shortcut will display a generic software icon. Change Icon using KB 86 How to Modify The Icon Displayed on a Program Shortcut