Bank Application Status Codes

The bank application status can be viewed under the Financial Product section of the Information and Status screen within the Client Tax Return. The first field in this section, labeled "Bank Rsp:" (Bank Response) will indicate the status of this bank application. 

The following are 'view only' status for RAC bank products. They do NOT apply to prefund or advance loans.

  • (A)pproved: The bank has approved the taxpayer application.
  • (B)ank Print: The bank will mail a check to the taxpayer directly.
  • (C)ancelled: The application has been cancelled.
  • (D)enied: The bank has denied the taxpayer's bank application- no further action can be taken.
  • (R)eject: The bank has rejected the taxpayer's bank application- further action must be taken to get this application approved. 
  • (S)ent: Sent to the bank. 
  • (P)ending: Pending at bank.