Scan Button Not Activating Scanner in The Program

Possible causes for the scanner not activating

  • The scanner may not be connected to the computer: Verify the scanner is properly connected to a USB port.
  • Drivers may not be installed. To verify if the drivers have been installed:
    1. In Windows, press the Start Button.
    2. Type Programs and Features and click Enter.
    3. In the "Programs and Features" window, look for “Symbol SNAPI USB Imaging Driver” or “Motorola Core Scanner Driver 64 bit.” If this is present, the driver is installed.
    4. If it is missing, the drivers need to be installed: Follow this link to open the installation instructions. How to Install the Motorola Symbol Scanner For Use With The Program
  • If the scanner is still not functioning:
    • Try the scanner on a different computer, if possible. The scanner itself may be broken.
    • Run the program as Admin, to prevent additional errors.
    • Restarting the PC
    • Contact the hardware vendor for further assistance.


If using a non-supported scanner, documents can still be added to the document archive. Please refer to the following article: